The Borsec natural mineral water is above all, a celebration itself. A celebration of a continuous youth, health, vitality and pure energy. Celebration of youth, due to its persistent and amusing liveliness because it helps you to stay young and cheerful. Celebration of health because of its well known therapeutical properties. Celebration of vitality and energy because it has been proved that only the mineral water can fill you with wellbeing energy, leading to an exceptional dynamism.
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Giusto range is addressed to that consumer anxious to quench his thirst and to enjoy the natural flavour of the fruits. Giusto brings freshness, energy and force because it combines fruit juice with clear mountain water from Azuga region, a natural protected environment, far away from any kind of pollution.
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Metropolitan Caffé

Metropolitan Caffe is an original Romanian brand, specially created for those who live a modern, dynamic life, with a distinct flavour which can be discovered in the following assortments: Premium, Vital, Cotidian, Columbia, Brasil and Indonezia.
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Emerging from the heartland of the Calimani mountains, the carbonated natural mineral water Stanceni has a perfect balanced content of minerals and is addressed to the entire family, irrespective of age.
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Quick Cola

In April 2006, Romaqua Group relaunched the famous brand Quick Cola, carbonated soft drink with cola flavour, meeting, this way, the expectations of those consumers eager to remember pleasant moments from the past.
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